Invaders from Deep Space have attacked Earth and we need You to Use the Power of Math to Save Planet Earth from Destruction!

Advance in Rank, Unlock New Ships, and Pilot a Squadron of Battle Cruisers while Answering Math Problems to Target Torpedos and Destroy Enemy Base Ships.

Math Fleet was created by parents and kids teaming up to design and develop a fun, exciting and challenging game combining Math Drills with true space action.
  • Universal iOS App: Built-in interfaces optimized for iPad (Retina and SD), iPad mini, iPhone 5, 4 and 3GS, and iPod Touch.
  • 8 User account slots so multiple family members can track their scores on one device.
  • 14 Different Star Cruisers. Answer Math Problems to progress in Rank and unlock different ships.
  • Unlock the ability to command 2, 3 and 4 Ship Squadrons as you answer more questions successfully.
  • Includes Drills for Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Optional Positive and Negative Numbers, as well as Drills that mix problems of different operations.
Defend Planet Earth with the Power of Math!

The Reviews below are just some of the great reviews written by real customers and are taken verbatim from the iTunes App Store.

MATH FLEET - Defend Planet Earth with Math!

Fun and Educational Game!
by Ken karasawa

This is a really fun game to play - it really challenges your quick thinking and your coordination skills. This is better than most educational games because you get the cool arcade aspects of it, but also is more challenging (done right in a good way) than just a brainless space shooter. Also - disregard Bunny Kitty and Survivor Viewer's comments. This device does NOT crash for any iOS device. And it sounds like Survivor Viewer is just complaining about his rather poor multitasking abilities and trying to blame the game for it. Try the game, I found it worthwhile just like most other people.

What a blast
by JimTru

It is going to take me some time to figure out everything that's going on here. Great graphics, endless action, and I already know my calculus. A lot of fun, and I don't play games much. Was intrigued by the potential for grand kids, and it is there.

Incredible learning action
by gropptx

Extremely well conceived and implemented application. I have three kids. The 9 and 7 love to play. The four year old likes to move the spaceship and blow things up! They all love it and the 9 and 7 year olds have definitely improved in their math knowledge.

by Emersong89

Bought this app for my brother and sister. Both were struggling slightly with subtraction and they were counting with their fingers. In less than one days time, they no longer use their fingers as the game promotes them to keep their paws on the screen and they have started multiplication. They are in the first grade. Multiplication wasn't introduced to me until I was in the third grade. Very impressed.

Kid approved!
by gulmacet

My son actually enjoys playing this, even though it integrates math drills into the gameplay. Any app that can do that gets my vote, since he usually plays the action games that involve his brain the least. Make more!

by grillmandoug

I got this app and started playing it and loved the two hand and then eye coordination required to keep the action going! The math is fun and having both hands moving made it even more fun because it demands some fast moving concentration to maximize your points, more ships just add to the excitement. I love the revision as two questions seem to make sense for the big ship kill!

My kids love this
by Derf99s

We have a five year old and a ten year old. Both love this game (and don't think of it as anything other than a really fun and "cool" game). And it's working. The five year old has learned and is continuing to learn her math - and, more important, now thinks math is great fun. She's even told her teacher about it at school. The ten year old thinks it's just plain fun and that it is yet another reason I should get him an iPhone. Which isn't happening anytime soon. Anyhow, great app!

Educational fun and excitement
by r0bd4d

I downloaded this game because I have two boys that like to borrow my phone and play games on it. With this app when they play, they are practicing their arithmetic skills while having fun. Great app! I also may use it to kill some time and keep my number crunching skills sharp!