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We've created more than 100 original apps with top ranked apps in every category of the iTunes App Store including BrainWave, the world's best selling Neural Entrainment App, the Award-Winning Beautiful Planet App Series, and The Last Squadron, an epic space game spanning our entire Solar System.
4.9 stars / 12,000+ 5-star reviews
Featured in Earth Science | Staff Fav
THE LAST SQUADRON Battle for the Solar System!
11 Advanced Programs
Defend Planet Earth with Math!

The top selling and most advanced binaural Neural Entrainment apps in the iTunes App Store. Our Neural Entrainment Apps have a 4.9 star rating, with more than 12,000 5-Star Reviews, and represent 14 years of development and continuous improvement.

BrainWave has been recommended by leading neuroscientists, including Dr. Andrew Huberman of the Stanford School of Medicine, who recommended BrainWave for the stimulation of the 40 Hz gamma frequency and improving focus on his Huberman Lab podcast. BrainWave has also been used in a clinical setting for the treatment of concussions by clinics such as Cognitive FX.

Our Neural Entrainment apps feature multi-stage binaural programs combined with your choice of iTunes Music or the soothing ambient and nature backgrounds included with each app.

ULTIMATE BRAINWAVE ENTRAINMENT APP BUNDLE - 5 Apps / 86 Programs - Includes our Best Selling Neural Entrainment Apps: Brain Wave - 35 Advanced Binaural Programs, Altered States - 21 Mind Altering Programs, Sharp Mind, Dream Inducer - 5 Dream Programs, Neuro Trainer
Advanced Multi-Stage Binaural Programs for Sleep, Relaxation, Meditation, Focus, Concentration, Anxiety Relief, Power Nap, Memory, Motivation, Creativity and Much More. Ranked in the iTunes Top Overall! Over 6000 5-Star Reviews! The best reviewed app in the app store for dealing with insomnia and problems falling asleep.
15 Mind Altering Binaural Programs for Meditation, Deep Relaxation, and Lucid Dreaming. Top Ranked in Lifestyle! Over 370 5-Star Reviews!
7 Binaural Programs designed for athletes to help improve focus, speed, and reflex response.
5 Powerful Dream Inducing Binaural Programs to create a range of different dream states using varying alpha and beta waves during the dream phase of sleep. Top Seller in Entertainment!

Built-in support for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Combine Binaural Programs with your own iTunes Music or the included Ambient Music and Nature Sounds

Supports Family Share

Includes Relaxing Ambient Music and Soothing Nature Sounds

Includes soothing Alarms and the ability to use your iTunes Music for an alarm.

Buit-in Playlist Creator - Create a playlist of your own iTunes music for each program

Save your settings for each Binaural Program

Customize program duration and wake with your own iTunes alarm or one of the included alarms.
Built-in support for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Supports Family Share


Rich, engaging apps with universal support for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch featuring works by award-winning artists and photographers from around the world.
The Best Selling Travel and Photography app by an Independent Travel Journalist! Featured more than 400 times in iTunes! Used in Thousands of Schools!
New and Noteworthy!
iTunes What's Hot!
New and Noteworthy! | What's Hot!
Amazing Photographs and Space Exploration Wallpapers including Planets, Stars, Galaxies and Spacecraft
Incredible MacroPhotography of Insects

Action-packed Games ranging from the Epic Arcade-style Space Combat of The Last Squadron to fun Doodle-style Commando Raids! Even train your brain to think fast under pressure with Math Fleet, where you pilot a starfighter while also solving arithmetic problems to target torpedoes and fire!
Epic Arcade-style Space Shooter spanning every planet in our Solar System! Battle the 5 Fleets of the Galactic Syndicate and drive them one by one from our Solar System. Build your Squadron as you unlock new ships and weapons! 32 missions over icy moons, through the clouds of the gas giants and across deep space.

Brain Training that is actually Fun! Solve Math Problems to target your torpedoes on Enemy Base Ships while at the same time dodging asteroids and destroying fighters with lasers!

Doodle-style Combat with SEAL and Delta Commando Squads! Pilot a Helicopter using D-Pad controls and attacking the enemy with machine guns and missiles. Then land and deploy a squad of navy seals controlled by drawing paths!

Doodle-style Zombie Combat! Kill Zombies using a team of zombie hunters armed with guns, swords and chainsaws. Defend your base or load up into a vehicle!

Fun, innovative, and easy to use apps for all ages!
InstaPal Talking Photos
Create animated talking characters using your own pictures! Select different mouth styles and voice modulations. Record videos of your animated creations and share them on Facebook!

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The Reviews below are just some of the 12,000+ 5-star reviews written by real customers and are taken verbatim from the iTunes App Store. Our customers have consistently found the BrainWave Binaural Neural Entrainment Series to have the best apps for insomnia and sleep issues, as well as the best apps for productivity, focus, relaxation and meditation.


Multi-Stage Binaural Brainwave Neural Entrainment Programs for Deep Sleep, Power Naps, Stress Relief, Focus, Concentration, Memory, Relaxation, Meditation, Lucid Dreaming, Vivid Dreaming, Focus, Confidence, Positive Mood, Creativity, and Much More. * The Top Selling Neural Entrainment App in the iTunes App Store backed by 8 years of development. * Universal iOS App with Built-in UIs for iPhone and iPad. * Supports Family Share *
12,0005-Star Reviews
Works really well
by Ai-Rini on Sunday, October 18 2015

I am a pharmacy student active in many unrelated extracurriculars. When I am at dance practice and need something to play that will keep everyone out and help my focus as I study off-stage, the rain works as white noise. Furthermore, I have been using it as a Pomodoro timer during my long study sessions - 30 minutes on Focus and Alert, ending with an alarm to signal to start my 10-minute "break" in which I answer emails or do some online shopping. I also use it as my napping buddy in the library, where I cannot use my phone or intrinsic iPad alarm for fear it will go off through the speaker and not my headphones. I never have to worry about that with BrainWave - not to mention the fact that I can fall asleep in whatever relaxing environment I want, like the beach or a forest. THANK YOU, CREATORS OF THIS APP!

Love it, fell right asleep
by Cutietiffy on Saturday, October 17 2015

I have issues with sleeping because of a hormone imbalance, I just kept the Deep Sleep on all night and I slept really well. Had dreams and felt very well RESTED. I love binaurals, I use the app everyday.

Perfect for studying
by Yonosoyquien on Monday, October 19 2015

I really love this app and use it all the time. It is great for studying, helps me focus and concentrate on getting my work done. I love how customizable it is! It is also great when I am getting ready for sleep or when I just need to relax for a bit.

Works. Delivers.
by andrenellin on Saturday, October 24 2015

I love this app. It works as specified. I was dubious when I downloaded it but whether I want a power nap, or need assistance calming my mind to sleep for the night, it works.

Very handy for any situation!
by PetRun on Friday, October 09 2015

This app does work as advertised, very versatile and user friendly. I use it daily for meditation, sleep and to calm down in stressful situations. I am truly satisfied with this product, keep up the good work!

Love it!!!
by Catchw on Monday, September 28 2015

This app is better than any sleeping pill or restless leg pill. I was not sure at first but a friend recommended I try this app. I was having such a hard time sleeping I decided to give it a try. And now I don't go to bed without this app and my earbud.

by I Love Game Insight on Friday, October 02 2015

We, I'm referring to my 10 year old daughter and myself, listen to this app every single night and we have been for two years. It helps relax us and often puts us to sleep quickly. My daughters favorite is the Deep Relaxation mode with the Ocean Waves. I highly recommend this app to anyone looking to incorporate a daily relaxation schedule with their family.

The BEST !
by LvAudioBooks on Thursday, September 24 2015

This is the app I most depend on to get me through my day! It helps me to focus amid numerous distractions, enabling me to keep to the task at hand. It even helps me to wake up my brain in the morning & helps me to fall asleep at night. I have tried numerous subliminal apps, but I keep coming back to this one. Now I can even have it running in the background of my own music, or audiobook! Love it!

Use it daily
by Saint-O on Thursday, July 09 2015

Best app of its kind. I use it daily. Helps me feel alert when waking up, helps wind down when stressed, helps me battle with my recurring migraines (even better than Advil)... Best study companion... (I'm gonna kill that bar exam). The best remedy for sleepless nights... I've been using it for 3 yrs... Love it... And the updates make it better every time.

The only way
by Balthizar on Monday, June 22 2015

I have a significant genetic based deficiency in my serotonin levels and as such my brain is unable to produce the proper amounts of melatonin which is what causes humans to be able to sleep. I have tried many things to cure my insomnia from drugs and pills to tea and meditation and they all worked... Sort of. This app is truly the only way I have found to be able to fall asleep in a normal time span. To those insomniacs out there, throw the deep sleep on for an hour and watch a show or some YouTube. It works for me every time!

Love this app!
by Zenewbie on Thursday, June 25 2015

I use this app a few times a week and sometimes multiple times a day. I use Focused and Alert, Concentration, and Critical Thinking while I'm working to help me focus. I LOVE Euphoria for helping me relax and unwind after a day of traveling. I've recommended this app many times to strangers, friends and family.

Great meditation app
by YouGlowgirlBeauty on Tuesday, June 23 2015

I love this app. I've used the focused and alert mode and it really helps me get my day started right. I've also used the deep sleep mode and slept extremely well. I highly recommend it! Just make sure you use it with headsets so you get the full benefit.

by ciredahc on Monday, June 29 2015

App does seem to help me focus in the morning. I use it for twenty minutes as soon as I wake up, and feel more focused throughout the day.

Awesome app
by utopiart on Friday, June 26 2015

I've used this app for a few years now, it helps deepen my meditations. I now use it with guided meditations I have in iTunes. And I've never had problems with it, always works as suppose to.

Amazing App with Many Great Uses!
by OceanLover15 on Thursday, May 21 2015

I absolutely love this app. I downloaded it a couple months ago, and it has been one of the best things I could have put on my phone. It provides productive background noise that has been very useful when studying and writing, especially in public settings like cafés or libraries. I also use it when I am having a hard time sleeping or am very anxious and need some sort of grounding noise that isn't too distracting. I love all of the options, and would highly recommend this app.

The first, still the best…especially for audiobooks
by BackedbyBuddha on Saturday, June 13 2015

If you want to play audiobooks, specifically, nothing else comes close. Been using this for years and it has pretty much every feature you could want, including bookmarks. My only wish? That you could make notations in the bookmarks and that the bookmarks would still be there if you left one title and came back later. Otherwise, Worth every penny!

LOVE this app
by Melissa Sue Tucker on Friday, March 06 2015

I use it to help me meditate & fall asleep. My daughter has a hard time falling to sleep sometimes and she finds it useful too. Recently I've been testing the lucid dreaming setting and it's been interesting. Worth every penny.

Fantastic App
by Myrawan on Monday, March 09 2015

I have been using the sleep program for two weeks and I have had the best sleep in years! I was skeptical but it has proven its worth. I have started using meditation programs with Gregorian chant background music and it too is giving me deep and relaxing meditative prayer time. I recommend this app to everyone.

It works! I can't believe!
by Paulkhun on Saturday, February 28 2015

This is the best app I've used so far because I see the result right then. I often listen to the"Atmospheres : Space" ambient along with "reduce anxiety" brain wave and the result is unbelievable : I don't feel anxious anymore. I judge by thinking of anxious stuff while using the app and the feeling is gone boom! What I love the app besides the brain stuff is that It won't be shut when you are switch to an another app, that Includes listening to your own songs and texting your friends. I would recommend the app to everyone. especially, depressive one.

Ten stars if I could
by Mememe123456789me on Thursday, February 19 2015

This is the best app I have ever purchased took my migraine away in ten minutes flat.

Life Changing!
by Inschick65 2 years ago

Unbelievable! I'm a habitual insomniac. I've been rotating, the last 3 years between ambien, temazepam and luneasta. Hormone changes and anxiety have dictated my lack of a good nights sleep. Eventually the meds run their course and the "eureka" nights sleep slips it's way back to insomnia. I stumbled onto this app looking for meditation apps for weight loss. After reading several reviews and doing a little homework, I bought the app. LIFE CHANGED! 1) I'm no longer paying ludicrous amounts of money every month for sleep meds! 2) I no longer have to deal with the side effects of the medication i.e.: dry mouth, sleep walking and eating -due to the fact that I'm not in my deepest form of sleep. 3) no medication "hang over" the next morning. 4) I feel like my sleep cycle is truly falling into sync. 5) I wake refreshed, energized and focused. Amazing. 6) for the first time in years, I look forward to sleep. Vs dreading the fight to go to sleep and stay asleep! I am anxious to see if the results continue or if it's a "honeymoon" stage. Please, please, please keep up the excellent work! I would love to know how I could financially help you in your endeavors! Do you rely on just purchase price of the apps or are you under grants? How may I return the favor of something so many take for granted. Insomnia is a horrible ailment. It's effects are debilitating. I know I'm not the only one suffering in silence. When you walk (or attempt to sleep) in the shoes of an insomniac, you can truly understand it's wrath on your mental and physical stability! I am so excited about this finding. My friends, children and husband tease me about the many times I tell people about this game changer! My only wish is that I could find ear buds that were soft and comfy. I have found it difficult to find a pair that does not leave you with a little discomfort from a hard night sleep. Thank-you again and please let me know how I may help your efforts.

Migraine, anxiety and insomnia relief
by lonnij a year ago

This app is an incredible tool for those who seek alternative methods of treating common/regular conditions. The versatility allows me to modify the tones/background to my needs and continues to prove effective for relieving pain, adjusting my mood and helping me get back to sleep.

Startlingly Effective.
by Two13.Com 2 years ago

I have been suffering from depression & also insomnia for some years, and this app helps immeasurably. It helps my overall mood, and a single session makes all the difference for an entire day. Some of the settings are amazing. The sleep settings literally put you into deep & totally relaxed sleep, but without any sluggishness associated with pills or sleep aids. The wake-up settings are fantastic. Buy this app! You won't be disappointed.

Top App
by Wilkie1606 2 years ago

I was in the British Army for 22 years and sadly now suffer from PTSD. I have found this App helpful with my condition.

Great Before, Phenomenal Now
by Kyle Kiel 3 years ago

The creators worked it out with Apple and ASCAP. Now I have a choice. Ambient sounds or my music. WHAT? Yes. They found a way to allow me to get the benefit of binaural sound underneath MY OWN music. THE BEST there is in iTunes with the BEST app I have. BUY BRAIN WAVE 30 ADVANCED and listen to expert binaural sounds under Kirtan chants, Anugama, or any favorite meditative tune or sound accessible through iTunes. Don't waste time trying this and others. This is it. Do you meditate with music or chants? Add the enhancement of those of binaural brain wave technology. Cat nap, snooze, power nap, go to sleep, wake up, study, meditate, think, work, rid your headache, whatever you do or need to invoke focus or relaxation, do so with this app as your ally.